Food and wine events.

We spread the culture of good wine. Bulk But Buoni promotes wine culture, organizing training courses and getting closer to wine in the local wine room .

These are moments of confrontation and sharing, lessons that aim to involve not only those who are already passionate about wine, but those who approach this world for the first time and want to discover more.

Each course, held by Valentino, is developed in 5/6 lessons and deals with topics related to the knowledge of wine, such as: production and vinification, food / wine pairing techniques. The goal is to bring participants to a gradual knowledge of the topics covered.

Lessons also give ample space to tastings, to combine theory with practice, exploring new flavors.

Loose But Buoni organizes monthly tasting meetings with a different “guest in the shop”. An evening with limited places, where wine producers tell their company and participants can spend a few hours “face to face” with company managers, owners, oenologists of important and renowned wineries.

In these meetings there is the possibility of speaking in person with those who produce wine: it is an opportunity to introduce new realities to the sector.

During the evening you can taste up to 5/6 different labels produced by the protagonist winery, served in combination with dishes and gastronomic preparations made for the occasion by Sfusi Ma Buoni.

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